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Hi Everyone, the buns and I had an amazing 2018! Please support our 2019 (!!) bunny season in progress on Patreon! I have something extra-special planned for this year. Patrons singapore sportsbookknow the score already...Public announcement this April!

The funding I get from patrons like you helps me continue to make a fresh crop of bunnifications direct to all you excellent viewers!

UPDATE! I did a fun singapore sportsbookinterview on "BrainFood from the Heartland: The Louie b. Free Radio Show" out of Cleveland, Ohio.

Check out the other singapore sportsbookupcoming movies-to-be-bunnified in the Overview section!

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Other projects:

- I completed a short animated excerpt from the Ombudsman webcomic: singapore sportsbookThe Inventor!
More about singapore sportsbookBaldwin P. Leninforth, Ombudsman.

Pic of me from Denver Comic Con (photo courtesy Erik Larsen)

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Dig this sweet game: Spiro! created by bunny voice and game developer extraordinaire singapore sportsbookDoug McInnes. Spiro is 13K of pure analog Tempest power! Check out this excellent HTML5 zombie game, singapore sportsbookDead Valley he also created. Here's a singapore sportsbookvideo of game play. And now you can find it on the Google Chrome Web Store!

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